Denver Broncos are not elite; Baltimore Ravens defense is back – Adam Schein

This is link bait (and it obviously worked). Adam Schein’s core argument here is that the Broncos have key injuries and a looming suspension that will effect them early in the season.

Then he ends with this:

Don’t get me wrong, I still think Denver wins the AFC West. But the Broncos are closer to a 10-win team than a juggernaut. I don’t view them as an AFC powerhouse, let alone an NFL powerhouse.

The last three Super Bowl winners have 10, 9 & 10 wins and none was a strong favorite even going into the playoffs. Yes, the Broncos aren’t a gimme for the Super Bowl, and there is plenty of competition in the AFC, but the arguments here aren’t strong.

I’m more concerned about the Broncos potentially patchwork offensive line all season long, or the struggles stopping the run up the middle in the preseason — those could cause more problems for the Broncos than Schein’s surface arguments.

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