Game Winning Run Came on Brock’s Audible | The MMQB with Peter King

Osweiler got to the line, under center, and surveyed the New England front. He was going to run C.J. Anderson to the weak side (that was his first call in the huddle) but saw something he didn’t like there—maybe an unblocked Rob Ninkovich hovering on the quarterback’s right. Whatever, he switched to a strong-side sweep to the left. “KILL! KILL! KILL!” he called, arms stretched out parallel to the ground. To the left, tight end Vernon Davis and a strong blocking wide receiver, Bennie Fowler, got ready to seal the left side for Anderson.

I still lean in the direction that a healthy Peyton Manning gives the Broncos the best chance of winning. But I have to wonder if this audible to switch the run the other direction would be an option with a QB in pistol or shotgun rather than under center. Maybe a healthy Peyton is still a better QB, but maybe this offense overall is “healthier” with Brock under center.

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