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The Two Minute Drill:

Mile High Today is a collection of curated links to news and blog items, mixed with our own weekly commentary about the favorite football team of tasteful people around the world: The Denver Broncos. The main news feed includes my own, usually optimistic, opinions about the Broncos mixed with links to some of the best Broncos related news articles and blog posts to be found. And for those who can’t get enough, an up to the hour listing of Broncos blog posts and news is streamed from around the web.

The Full Version:

As a longtime Broncos fan who had been displaced to Phoenix, I started BroncosFreak.com in 1999 as a collection of links to Broncos articles. I manually posted links to stories from the primary news outlets both in Denver and nationally.

Other rabid freaks, starved for Broncos news, made their way to the site. As traffic grew, a message board was added to the site in 2000 as a place for fans (and a few haters) to offer their own views. The message board membership grew to the thousands as the displaced and Denver-ites alike came to digitally high five, and sometimes grieve, the state of the Broncos the the Bubby Brister, Brian Griese, Jake Plummer and Jay Cutler eras. Our passionate community drew the attention of the Denver Post, Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports and the Broncos organization itself. All the while the homepage of the site found new ways to link to the latest stories as web technologies evolved.

As the site grew, so did my family. The message board grew beyond my means to give it the proper attention, and in 2007, it was spun off on it’s own so I could continue to manage the news portion of the site. For the last few years, since the (gasp) Kyle Orton days, the site has offered a running stream of links to blog posts and news articles, but all the while, the dream of a new site, much like the dream of a return to Broncos glory with a Peyton Manning led offense, was forming.

On the eve of 2012 Denver Broncos training camp, BroncosFreak was reborn into this current site. I aim to bring you the bring you the most important, and most interesting, news and opinions to be found in the daily churn of the Broncos news cycle.

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