Broncos First Round Projections

I grow weary of the hype when it comes to mock drafts and projected picks. It’s fun to imagine the what-ifs but with a later draft this year, it became an extended season of woulds, coulds, shoulds and blind stabs in the dark.

But we’re only hours away now, so here are some thoughts on potential scenarios in the first round for the Broncos tonight:

  1. Most Likely
    The Broncos stand pat with the 31st pick and take the best player on their board. There is plenty of talent on the board and the Broncos should have a number of good choices for players who could come in and contribute right away.
  2. Very Possible
    The Broncos trade out of the first round into the early second and add another pick or two. The myriad opinions on the QBs in this draft means that there will most likely be a couple of prospects who have dropped down to #31. I could see one of the teams in need of a QB that passed in the first round trading back into the Broncos spot to grab one of them.
  3. I Don’t Think So
    The Broncos won’t trade up in the first round. They are in win now mode, but they don’t have glaring needs that they have to climb up to fill with a blue chipper. Elways has said before that they fill their immediate needs in free agency and build a long-term roster through the draft. Giving up extra picks to move up in the first round would be a break from that philosophy….and the wrong choice.

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